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Silver Metallic Sea Urchin Air Plant Holder (Set of 3)

Silver Metallic Sea Urchin Air Plant Holder (Set of 3)

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This unique gift includes:

⇨  3 miniature silver metallic sea urchin planters
⇨  3 LIVE Air Plants - Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala
⇨  Air Plant Care Guide
⇨  Gift Box with Black Grosgrain Ribbon


Transform your air plants into celestial wonders with these beautiful silver metallic sea urchin air plant holders - because even air plants deserve a touch of cosmic chic! It's not just a holder, it's a sparkling universe for your green companions. Let your air plants shimmer in this celestial abode, turning your space into a stellar sanctuary. Plant elegance, now in silver!

Please keep plants out of direct sunlight.

Each is unique; so please expect some variations.

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