We believe gifts should be unique and meaningful.

Because when you care, gift shopping can be stressful. It's so hard to find something special and that will be appreciated. (And that doesn't break the bank.)

That's why we make what we make.

Unique combinations of crystals and air plants, delivered in customized gift boxes that always bring a smile.

All of our crystals are of the highest quality and represent different healing properties. Our air plants are NEVER glued on to the crystals (a common problem with so many air planters out there). Instead, they sit on a hand-crafted, non-tarnishable gold or silver spiral wire device that allows the plants to be easily taken in and out to be watered or replaced. As the plant grows, the wire is easily adjustable to help ensure the right fit. And all of our air plants are hand selected to go match each crystal, to bring out their beauty and simplicity.

Like humans, each of our crystal air planters is an original and may look different from one another. They are truly one-of-a-kind, so please expect some variations from our photographs.

If you have any questions about our products or the care of the plants, feel free to send us a note. We'd love to talk to you.