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Housewarming Gifts - Green Calcite Air Plant Holder

Housewarming Gifts - Green Calcite Air Plant Holder

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This unique gift includes:

⇨  Green Calcite Cluster Crystal
⇨  LIVE Air Plant-Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala
⇨  Air Plant Care Guide
⇨  Green Calcite Meaning Card
⇨  Gift Box with Black Grosgrain Ribbon


Green Calcite, the rejuvenating elixir for your spirit. Its vibrant green hues are like a splash of nature's energy, reviving your vitality and inviting in the zest of life. This crystal is a gentle reminder to embrace growth, find balance, and let the fresh, soothing vibes of nature flow through your being. Dive into the verdant magic of Green Calcite and let your spirit flourish.

Air plant sits on a gold spiral wire, easy to take out and care for.

Each one is unique; so please expect variations.

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