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Mother's Day Gift — Small Pyrite Air Plant Holder

Mother's Day Gift — Small Pyrite Air Plant Holder

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This unique gift includes:

⇨  Small Pyrite Crystal (approx. 2"-2.5")
⇨  LIVE Air Plant-Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala
⇨  Air Plant Care Guide
⇨  Pyrite Meaning Card
⇨  Gift Box with Black Grosgrain Ribbon

Pyrite, the cosmic cheerleader of confidence and abundance. Its shimmer is like a high-five from the universe, boosting your self-esteem and attracting prosperity. This crystal is a reminder to shine with boldness, embracing your worth and inviting abundance into your life. Channel the glow of confidence with Pyrite!

Air plant sits on a gold spiral wire, easy to take out and care for.

Please keep plant out of direct sunlight.

Each one is unique; so please expect variations.

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