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Small Amethyst Air Plant Holders (Set of 3)

Small Amethyst Air Plant Holders (Set of 3)

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This unique gift includes:

⇨  Set of 3 Small Amethyst Crystal Air Plant Holders
⇨  3 LIVE Air Plant-Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala
⇨  Air Plant Care Guide
⇨  Amethyst Meaning Card
⇨  Gift Box with Black Grosgrain Ribbon


Amethyst, the gem of tranquility and good vibes, is like a cosmic stress-buster. Having this crystal in your space is like having a tiny purple guardian that says, "Chill, I got you!" It's Earth's way of bringing a splash of calm and positive energy into any room.

Air plant sits on a gold spiral wire, easy to take out and care for.

Each one is unique; so please expect variations.

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