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Medium Air Plant Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala - 2-3 inch

Medium Air Plant Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala - 2-3 inch

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Many of our crystal air plant holders come with this very popular air plant called Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala. Their popularity is due to the fact they are very easy to take care of and also readily produces pups. You will often see Guatemalas form into clumps of 3-5 plants. These plants can withstand a variety of conditions, but prefer brighter light levels and routine waterings. This is one of the air plants that can either be misted, or submerged in water - we prefer the latter but it is up to you and how your plant responds. Ionantha Guatemalas are typically green in color, but turn an amazing red or pink color when they come into bloom. Once in full bloom, they produce purple flowers protruding from the center of the plant. It is truly a sight to see.

2-3 inches tall 1.5-2 inches wide

Contact us if your plant dies 30 days of arrival. We will either refund your money or replace them at no cost to you. No returns necessary.


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Medium Air Plant Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala - 2-3 inch

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