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3 Medium Tillandsia Bulbosa - 3-5 inch

3 Medium Tillandsia Bulbosa - 3-5 inch

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Many of our crystal air plant holders come with this very popular air plant called Tillandsia Bulbosa. This air plant has smooth leaf with tentacle-like leaves. Tillandsia Bulbosa prefers to be watered more ofte due to having less trichomes (hairs that attach water for the nourishment of air plants). However, do not let the plant sit in water too long or it will rot.

3-5 inches tall 1-2.5 inches wide

Contact us if your plant dies 30 days of arrival. We will either refund your money or replace them at no cost to you. No returns necessary.


This listing includes:
3 Medium Tillandsia Bulbosa 3-5 inch

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